We are your dream team. Apart we are exceptional people together we are unbeatable. We complement each other perfectly. Between us we excel at making dreams come true. We listen deeply, communicate clearly, we dream the couples dream, design, create then orchestrate perfection. People feel immediately safe and at ease in our company. Salvador is from Barcelona and Adam quintessentially English – we understand cross cultural diversity. Furthermore, both Adam and Salvador have travelled extensively and lived all over the world.
Our couples are truly international and come from the four corners of the globe. Lots from Europe and North America and then for us from more exotic places such as Russia, China, Persian, Iraq, Turkey, South and Central America and India. Choose your wedding planner wisely this is a big investment you are making and an intimate experience to have. Investigate their work. Listen to their reviews. Make sure you have chemistry together. Ask yourself do you trust them and just as importantly do they make you laugh.